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Louisiana Lovely

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I think we have all gotten used to the shelter - in - place, work from home, quarantine life by now. Many of us have had more than enough time to get intimately acquainted with our homes. More than ever before! And we have noticed all the little (or big) updates that our homes need.

Because of this crazy pandemic, many companies have taken their business online. We were offering online services before the pandemic, so when everything went virtual - WE WERE READY!

Let me introduce you to this E-Design client project that we recently finished. Our company is in Dallas and this couple lives in Louisiana. You may be thinking that it would be difficult to do a project as large as a remodel from afar, but no project is beyond our reach! Read on to find out what steps we took to bring this home to life and how you can follow the same steps for a successful remodel of any room in your home.


You must start with a vison of what you want! If your vision is not clear, you will be turning circles during the selection process and end up with a mismatched design at best.

My clients sent me this kithcen image. It's more traditional than they wanted but it made them feel happy when they saw it. They loved the bright clean white and the gray/blue island. Along with the kitchen, we did a fireplace update and new paint inside and out. Thier home is on a large plot of land surrounded by natural beauty, so I wanted to maintain the vibe from the outside and bring it into their home. They also love having their family for the holidays or a long weekend. They wanted their home to feel cozy and updated ... a home they would enjoy for the long term.


Once you have a clear vision of what you want in your space, gather images of the details that inspire you and support your vision.

After chatting thoroughly about what vision they had for their home, I put together some inspiration boards. This helped us all get on the same page when it came time to shop actual selections. The inspo boards included the images above along with others of plumbing options, lighting, hardware, etc.


Knowing where to shop and shop within your budget is key! It's easy to see beautiful spaces online, but if you are not sure how to "get the look" - your vision may not come to life.

This is where a designer can be a great resource to you. We know where to SHOP! It's what we do! We know how to work within your budget to get you what you want. And we have access to products the public does not. There are many companies that only sell directly to designers. We can also get you a discount off of retail pricing at times or free shipping. WAHOO!!!

This was one of the design options I presented to the couple for the kitchen. All put together in one place so they could see how one thing complimented the other and completed the perfect look. Once all the hard finishes were selected and approved, we chose paint colors. I always select paint last. There are SO many color options, it is easy to find one that fits into your design scheme rather than the other way around. You can even get custom paint colors to match your designs exactly.

We also created a digital rendering of the new fireplace layout. This made it easy for the contractor to build it out.


Once you have purchased all your selections, and they have arrived, it's time for your remodel.

I recommend waiting until all your items have arrived to start your demo and remodel process. You never know if something will arrive broken or the wrong item will be sent. This can delay your project and you may be left with a kitchen that has been demolished with dust and debris everywhere until the new items arrive.

When it comes to a remodel, you want to choose your contractors carefully. Always get multiple referrals and ask for pictures of previous work to see the quality of the craftsmanship.

I always choose a contractor who is licensed and insured when it comes to my clients' projects. We hope nothing will go terribly wrong, and so far it has not, but you never know what can happen during a remodel or renovation. And I for one do not want to find out! EEEK!!!


Can you believe the transformation of this home!?! It has a completely new personality and energy to it! It really came alive and the clients are LOVING it! Who wouldn't want to entertain in this kitchen or curl up next to this fireplace!




For more amazing & inspiring images of this kitchen remodel, check out the projects album HERE!

As always, thank you for stopping by and don't forget to check us out on social media where we have endless amounts of design eye candy for you!


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