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We are a residential interior design firm in DFW that focuses on style, function and sustainability. Our firm takes your everyday functional needs and builds style around them with sustainability in mind.

Find out more about how we incorporate new and creative ways to protect our planet by eliminating waste on our projects, designing with your health in mind and what we are doing to reduce our company's and our industry's footprint in the years to come. 

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Giving Back

Did you know you can give back to your community in the process of revamping your home? Instead of taking your old appliances, cabinets and fixtures to the dump, we recycle by donating them to local nonprofits that support families and individuals in need.

Many of our clients have high-quality items that simply aren't their style anymore. Instead of destroying these items in the renovation process, we find them a new home.

Moving In

Protecting Your Family

You probably have never thought about how the finishes that go into your home affect your family. Did you know that paint, fabrics, rugs, lighting and more can have a negative effect on your health?

Most items that enter your home have been treated with highly caustic chemicals that you ingest by breathing or absorbing while sitting on your sofa or walking around barefoot. 

We do our best to source furnishings with lower amounts of toxins to keep you and your family safe from harm. 

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Making an Impact

We are working on much more than just reducing the waste from our business and our industry here at LMI. We are working to create a product brand made out of the very materials leftover from our design work. 

Instead of throwing excess pieces of stone, wood, steel and fabric into the trash... we partner with local artisans to repurpose them into beautiful pieces of home decor items and more. Be on the look out for these items soon!

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