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Favorite Interior Design Trends of 2023!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Can you believe it's already 2023? I can't! I looked back at my blog posts and realized I only wrote 2 blogs in 2022 ... one of them was what was trending! I certainly dropped the ball on the blog in 2022, but am here now with my top favorite trends for the year to come.

Depending on the part of the world you are in, the top trends can be very different. So I am sharing my favorites from around the globe that I think we will begin to see taking form in our homes here in Texas and all around the US.

1) Warm Woods

For awhile the cooler tones took the lead, but that is changing as people are looking for peace and calm in their lives. Often times cooler tones can invoke feelings of sterility, depression and a hightened sense of anxiety for people with the stark colors and bold contrasts. We are seeing a transition back into feelings of coziness and sunshine. One of the ways this is being implemented is in the color of wood being used in kitchens, baths, flooring, furniture and architectural details.

2) Textured Walls

To compliment all the warm wood tones being installed in new and remodeled homes, people are getting bored with paint. There are many ways to combat boring rooms with boring paint colors; bold paint options, wallpaper, accent walls and most recently - texture! Now this is not the same texture we saw in the old world homes from the 90's... no, no! This is texture in the form of grasscloth and other interesting wallpapers, a stained concrete look, fabric!!! Yes, fabric! People are covering their walls in fabric to get color, pattern and style. My favorite new trend is the look of stained concrete without having to actually have concrete walls. You can choose any shade or color to get the finish you want. Check out these bathroom spaces by Urbanology Designs.... STUNNERS!

3) Bold Patterns

One thing that I think is here to stay for good is bold patterns. Even with many influencers minimizing their homes and lives and going completely neutral in their spaces - there will always be a place for bold patterns and color combos that create a sense of happiness. Now, not all patterns are created equal and many may make you feel like going bonkers or like you have been transported back into the years of your great-great grandmother's sewing room... but designers are really elevating their pattern designs and I for one am here for it!

4) Sustainable Changes

I know you hear me talk about sustainability a lot, but what kind of Certified Sustainable Designer would I be if I didn't!?! Click here to find out more about what practices we use when it comes to creating healthy homes for our clients and leaving the world a better place than we found it.

A really cool trend that I am seeing take place is thrift/antique shopping! Home owners and designers alike are turning to the thrift shops and antique stores to find unique furnishings and accents. I love this for 2 reasons: 1- we are reusing items which equates to less waste in the landfills and 2- it gives the spaces we are designing a one of a kind feel by using one of a kind pieces. Clients are truly getting unique to them home decor! I like to take this a step further and recover and refill furniture, giving it a new long life that our clients are thrilled about.

5) Bringin Back the Oldies

One thing we know has been on trend is that the oldies are back. The kids in high school today dress exactly like we did in high school in the 90's. Architecture, patterns and floor plans have been replicating those from the 70's and I am a huge fan! I love the architecture from the 70's! Open floor plan but still designated spaces for individual family member's needs.

A trend I see taking shape is that people are starting to miss the separated rooms that the open floor plans have replaced. Don't get me wrong... I love an open floor plan since I have littles at home. I know where they are at all times. I can see or hear them from almost anywhere in the house which gives me comfort. But, sometimes I don't want to see or hear them! And I know I can't be the only Mama who needs a little peace and quiet from time to time.

We are seeing less flex spaces and more rooms specific to their single function. Home gyms, play rooms, school rooms, offices that are only for office use, separate dining spaces, kitchens that have partially separated walls from the living areas, butler kitchens, laundry rooms in multiple places in the home and sneaky hidden rooms for meditation, quiet and alone time. I can go either way, but I do see the value in having separated spaces.

Hidden Door: Rachel Chudley Play Room: Studio Nacrt Butler Pantry: McCroskey Interiors

6) Colored Cabinets

This is one of my favorite new(ish) trends for 2023. In recent years people have been moving away from wood stained cabinets and updating old cabinets by painting them, or saving money in their homes by using paint grade wood rather than stain grade. The options with paint on cabinets is endless! And it's going far beyond your standard white paint these days.

Now, do I think there will always be a place for white kitchens? YES! I do! It's timeless and classic and will never go out of style, but not every home or every personality coordinates with white cabinets. We are seeing and will continue to see bold cabinet colors in the year to come as people get a little more daring with their design choices.

Check out this recent remodel we did with Harrison Building Co. where we actually used 3 colors on our cabinets, including a deep, rich red in hi gloss!!! WOWZA!!!

7) Arches and Rounded Shapes

This is another one of those beauties that disappeared for awhile and now that it's back, it's being used in the most gorgeous ways! From doors to walkways and windows... these aren't the only things taking on these smooth shapes in design - furniture and ceilings are also adopting these luscious curves.

Well, that concludes the list of my personal favorite trends that we will see more of in the year to come. Leave a comment below of some of your favorite design trends or connect with us on our website:

Praying you all have a happy, prosperous and glorious 2023! Until next time


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