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Interior Designs Most Cozy Place : The Home Library

I remember going to the library in college and loving it so much. The smell of the books in the air, the stillness and quiet that was demanded as soon as you entered the building, and the perfect little nook to hunker down for the evening and get to work. I will carry those memories with me forever. Even now, when we take our little guys to the library, there is a nostalgia to the experience that no other place can give.

What is it about libraries that does this? Perhaps it's the grandeur of the size, or the beautiful design like that of the New York Public Library. For me, it's the quiet place to get away and the possibility of new adventures in the books around me ... or an undistracted place to retreat when I need to get work done. Whatever your reason for loving the library - I'm here to tell you that you can recreate that in your home and bring back (or make new) memories of one of the most cozy places in design.

Thank you Max Touhey of Max Touhey Photography for this gorgeous image!

As we all know, 2020 really changed the way we all used our homes, especially when it came to the home office. Well, here we are 3 years later and for many people that change became permanent or semi-permanent. Some went back into the office, but many companies realized the work from home model really worked for them and their employees.

Designers started getting requests to turn home offices into a focal point in their clients' homes. Since everyone was spending so much more time in their home office, they wanted it to feel intentional. We are getting prepared for a few new construction projects in 2023 and I intend to create beautiful office spaces that are more than an after thought. These along with the several we have updated over the last couple years, have made home offices one of my favorite places in home design. Especially when the design looks more libraryesque ... is that a word?

We have yet to photograph these spaces as we are waiting on finishing items or backordered products. In the meantime, here are some literary inspired home spaces that I know you will love by some amazing designers who I adore, and some fun tips on ways to create a stunning home library!


This incredible home library by Denise McGaha Interiors is particularly special to me because I had the privelege of helping style it for this photo shoot.

I love the use of bright color with vintage charm that circles the room. It was a space I wanted to sit in all day and read while the sun came in through the windows. It's not pictured here, but there was also a working desk in this space for the woman of the house to handle business when she was home.


I love the use of books in this cozy corner at the Urbanology Cottage by Urbanology Designs .

In my opinion this brings such a rich and pleasant feeling to the space. Not only is the color palette gorgeous, but the display of books gives such a whimsical feeling that you can actually imagine yourself curled up on that day bed and reading while it rains outside as you get lost in a story or two.

Who wouldn't love this moment!?!


Sometimes it's not about a home library but surrounding yourself with your most passionate hobby - like this book lover's home.

I know people who love reading so much that a single room with a few shelves cannot contain the sheer number of books that they own.

A solution like using books from floor to ceiling may be just the right touch for you!


I think we can all agree that a nice warm bath is one of the best places to read a book.

So why not install bookshelves in your bathroom along with some great bath salts and adequate lighting for the perfect reading experience!?!


If you don't have an offie or designated space for bookshelves ... make room!

You can use the end of a hallway, a corridor or a landing to make great use of often times wasted space.

By painting it a different color, you can really create a focal point that highlights your library, making it look uber intentional and brings it to life!

So what are you waiting for? Add some of these fun and creative ideas to your home to bring it the depth and character it is longing for.

And as always, if you need help with the design - give us a call!

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