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Living 2021 In Style: Top Trends of the Year

With 2020 out of the way, we made room for 2021 ... MOVE OVER 2020!

If you haven't already heard, the Pantone color combo of the year is Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. I don't know about you, but I could use some happy yellow in my life this year!

Look for subtle ways to bring these pops of color into your home using throw pillows, art or decor. These are small things that can be changed out as styles change that will keep your home looking right on trend.

This past year has certainly had an impact on design and how we use it. With so many staying at home and families spending so much time together, we are looking for new ways to use our homes and creating function in every space.

I'm sharing the TOP DESIGN TRENDS for 2021 that have been shaped by all we have adapted to in 2020 during the craziest time in history that many of us will experience. And I want to help you turn every room in your home into a space that serves your family. Here we go!

1- Home Offices and Flex Rooms

This is probably the biggest investment we have made to our homes over the past year. With the majority of people moving their jobs to their home, we have had to create work spaces that can keep us motivated, focused and comfortable for the long haul. Designing an office that is best suited for your job may mean creating additional storage/organizational space, elevating the design itself making it a room you actually want to spend time in or creating a multi-purpose space out of your dining room or adding desks for your kids in your home office to do their school work.

You probably invested in a more comfortable office chair and perhaps a standing desk giving you the freedom to move around a bit while working and stretching your legs. You may have added some built-ins as you brought all your office supplies home and needed more compartments for storage. Adding art and decor that you would normally have in your living room or bedroom went into your office to make it more appealing as you stepped in every morning to begin your day.

Whatever you did to make your work from home experience more manageable, it was worth it! And if you've been working all year from a drab office space - you can still give your home office an update! Plus, we all need a fabulous background for our Zoom calls!

Home office makeover creating a beautiful work from home space with great art and decor.

2- Upgrades to Even the Small Spaces

With shows like The Home Edit going viral, families are looking at even the small spaces in their homes to function at their highest potential. Spaces like the laundry room, powder bath, closets and pantries. No space is off limits for organization and design.

These spaces are often overlooked and we usually say to ourselves "this is good enough". Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn't take much to go from "good enough" to "AMAZING"!

All it takes is a bit of planning, some extra organizational elements and a clear design plan to elevate these tiny spaces in your home. And these tiny edits may make the biggest impression on daily living. You can stop digging through the one junk drawer where everyone throws everything to find your spare car key or a messy pantry that drives you nuts every time you walk in. Order and organization is possible my friend - even for you!

Bring organization to your pantry, laundry room, mudroom, closet or powder bath with great interior design and organizational elements.
Check out Pinterest for more ideas!

3- Knock It Down

Speaking of elevating your spaces, sometimes you have to knock down a wall to get them. One of the trends I see developing is making your home work for you rather than trying to make your life fit into your home.

Often when shopping for a home, we try to find the perfect one but we fall short because the one with the perfect yard doesn't have the spare bedroom. Or the one with the great kitchen doesn't have a mudroom that works for your family.

It may not have occured to you, but ... you can create the home of your dreams wherever you are!

Check out this bathroom transformation from a project we did for a family with 3 girls. We knocked down a wall and took the hallway space to create a double shower, giving them MUCH needed space and adding significant square footage to the floorplan.

4- Remodels and Renovations

Right now the housing market is fantastic and interest rates are at an all time low. It's a great time to invest in real estate whether you are buying a new home or want to upgrade the one you live in.

Piggy backing on creating a home that works for you is this trend for 2021: remodeling and renovating. So many homes are on the market, yours has to stand out in order to sell. With everyone making upgrades and updates, yours has to be the one the buyer remembers. Hiring a designer will be the best investment you make before putting your home on the market to ensure it stands out among the rest. We can help!

If you are looking to buy or update your existing home - remodels and renovations are at an all time high as well. There are fewer and fewer lots left to build on, in Texas anyways, and people are turning to Designers and General Contractors to give their homes the renovations they need.

Check out what a partial remodel can do for your home and your investment! WOW!!!

5- Shopping Local and Supporting Small Business

Because of the pandemic, many small businesses took a hit. It was amazing to see Americans surround the small organizations in their communities and networks. People instantly began supporting every small business they knew and were urging others to do the same.

Instead of Amazon, folks were shopping Etsy. In my neighborhood, people flooded the farmer's markets instead of the grocery stores. Customers were leaving raving reviews and purchasing gift cards for future use to help business owners get by. It was absolutely beautiful to see so much support for small business.

Brand partnerships were also formed. Small businesses teamed up to create an experience for their cusotmers like never before and create awareness on many fronts. For example, we teamed up with Unlikely Heroes to help end child sex trafficking. A portion of every hand painted rainbow sold goes towards the anti child slavery cause.

If you are looking for upgrades to your design, search small businesses first. You will be helping support a small business owner and their family during these difficult times.

6- Neutrals

Neutral color palettes are becoming more popular. What was once seen as boring, is the new trend setter.

Before you think of neutral as cream, ivory, white, beige and gray - which they are - they don't stop there. In recent polls, designers agreed that additional colors like black, sage green and navy blue are also neutral colors. The neutral color palette has been redefined over the years and is coming to life.

Design by McGee and Co.

7- Color

You read that right ... COLOR! Neutrals are in and so is color. Color in textiles, furnishings, wallpaper, paint color and of course - art.

Grabbing a piece like the one pictured here, not only includes the pantone color of the year, but would be a statement piece in any home and you would be supporting a small business owner and creative!

Photography by Kevin Dotolo

8- Custom Kitchens

Investing in your home is always a no brainer. Not only will you increase your property value, but you will increase the quality of your life.

We all know that people gather around food - meaning in the kitchen. So why not create the perfect space for you, your family and your gatherings. The thing I have noticed most about the newest kitchen designs is minimal and subtle.

People are adding spice racks, appliance garages and butler pantries behind custom cabinets and drawers making it appear as if they are not even there. Kitchens have become as much style as function and clutter on the countertops is out.

Can you guess where the spices and cooking utensils are in this kitchen remodel we did?


As 2021 unfolds, we will see new trends emerge to fit our new lifestyles. I for one am a huge fan of change and look forward to the new and creative ideas designers will bring to your home.

If you have a design dilemma in your home, give us a call! We are here to serve you!

Thanks for stopping by and leave us a comment ... what's your favorite trend?

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