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Interior Design Trends for 2022

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Wallpaper Trends

Get ready to embrace murals, color, pattern, prints and textures in the form of wallpaper! Wallpaper trends will offer so much scope in terms of style, colors and themes.


Sustainably Minded Design

2022 is the year for responsible manufacturing, reuse and resale of furniture and hardware, and sustainable materials.


Rounded Silhouettes

This year you'll see a softening of furniture silhouettes, curved edges and feminine details. Think comfortability with cool, striking pieces that make the space more memorable.


Layers of Texture

Natural textures are everywhere now and will only become more apparent in the design world. Leather accents, textured walls, natural stone wood and metal will be making a big impact in interiors.


Colorful Cabinetry

All white kitchens are for playing it safe this season. Personalize your space by picking a bold cabinet choice. Emerald greens, rich navy's, smoky greys, are a trending theme for 2022 kitchens.


Vintage Tones

Timeless tones are in line with what will be trending for the 2022 season. Get ready for this fresh new color palette being full of clarifying blues, delicate greens, and loads of earth tones to bring life into your space.


Need help brining style into your home in 2022?!?! Give us a call!

We got you covered whether it's an all new color palette for your home, new furnishings, a fresh remodel or new construction.

Let 2022 be the year you finally make your house... a beautiful home!


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