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How To Overcome Today's Design Dilemmas

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

What a whirlwind the last year and a half has been! With so many changes in our nation and around the world, the home and design industry was not exempt. As a matter of fact, we have had some of the largest adjustments we have seen in some time and have had to transition into a new way of operating, thinking and designing in this new norm.

We have all spent more time at home and it has forced us to look at our surroundings and make same changes. Some minor and some major! As simple as getting new artwork and decor to complete home renovations. Whether you have made big or small revisions to your home, you have probably experienced the dreaded BACKORDER!!!! I know ... the word you are so tired of hearing and makes you cringe, well at least me anyway!

With so many people making upgrades to their homes at the same time, the result has been empty shelves, shortage of materials and inventory and backorders that have backorders. Am I right?!?

Let me share with you some insider information on what is really going on and what we at Lindsey Murillo Interiors are doing to solve the problems that are right in front of us:

  1. There really is a shortage of materials. The materials most in shortage are glass - many window companies will not make double or triple pane windows, steel - making appliances and steel beams in hard to get, roofing materials, insulation, plumbing fixtures, vinyl siding, paint and so many more.

  2. Myth buster: lumbar is in short supply. Not true! There is an abundance of certified lumbar available to any distributor who wants it. Most lumbar warehouses do not purchase certified lumbar because it costs a little bit more and that eats into their profits, but with the prices on uncertified lumbar rising at 406% already, this really is no longer an issue. Plus you have the peace of mind knowing that the wood came from a legally harvested forest. WIN-WIN!

  3. The high demand for materials is placing huge pressure on manufacturers. Not only are they trying to keep up with the high demand, but warehouses are short staffed due to the pandemic. This is causing a delay in production and guess what you get? You guessed it... a backorder!

  4. The rise in home renovations and new construction has created a massive need for general contractors. They have gotten so busy, backed up and overwhelmed! Some are booked out for months.

Here is how we are combatting the dilemmas our clients are facing when it comes to their home design projects:

  1. We have access to vendors you do not. What does this mean? We can get amazing and unique items that you will not find in your local retailer that will really make your design selections stand out.

  2. With access to our vendors comes more real time information. What does this mean? They have an up to date inventory stock list of how much of an item is available and exact dates when more will be arriving.

  3. Designers can create professional accounts with retailers and brands. What does this mean? If and when something is on backorder, we are kept up to date. No wondering where it is or what happened to it like with many local and online retailers. I personally have been waiting for a new coffee table in my home that was suppose to be delivered over a month ago and I have not gotten any updates on its whereabouts and no email correspondence with any information as to when I can expect it.

  4. Out of stock materials - when it come to our vendors, they take good care of us and we get extra special service. If something is out of stock, our vendors know how to get something comparable or can tell us if there is nothing on the market that comes close. What does this mean? We know if we need to take the design in a completely new direction, wait for the item to come back into stock or if there is something that can be replaced.

  5. We have built great relationships with our contractors. What does this mean? Our contractors are willing to squeeze us in and give us first dibs on their calendars because we bring them repeat business and introduce them to our clients. They also introduce us to their suppliers and we have more contacts when we need something specific.

If you are struggling to make your home design project come together - it may be time to hire a designer. And you'll need one more thing.... PATIENCE! Nothing is happening quickly these days and we don't know when or if things will ever return to a normal pace of life. So be kind and be patient.

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