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COVID-19 Relief and How We Are Getting Involved

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

During these uncertain times, none of us are unaffected by the coronavirus. Some of us are feeling it financially as we have lost our jobs. Some of us are feeling it physically as we have contracted the virus. Some of us are feeling it emotionally as we are struck with fear and anxiety. Some of us are feeling it mentally as we are isolated from our co-workers, friends and family. And some of us are feeling it in more ways than one as we care for those who are affected and their loved ones.

During these uncertain times, we are finding ourselves in great need. Need of care, support, community and relief from this plague that has hit the nations. At Lindsey Murillo Interiors we want you to know that we care! We care about what happens to the people in our community. We care about how our fellow small businesses are managing this disaster. We care about those who are most at risk. We care about getting information into the hands of people who are searching for it. We care!

In response to all that has happened over the last couple weeks, we want to share all the ways we are getting involved to help the community and the ways we have adjusted our business structure to serve our clients during this time.


We have compiled a list of resources for those who are looking to get involved or for those who need assistance.

Want to help?

If you are willing and able to volunteer, donate or provide aid in any way - below you will find a list of organizations and groups that have positioned themselves to reach out to those in need. You can join them in the fight to contain the virus by visiting their website or calling their offices to see how you can help. If you are not local to DFW, find organizations in your community who are doing the same - I promise, they are out there!

1. Join a Facebook group to find ways to help locally: groups of people who are sewing face masks for the at-risk and medical staff, donating necessities to people in need, delivering groceries to at risk families, etc.

2. TX Food Bank

  • Go to to check drop off locations for food donations

3. Reach out to your local church to find out ways you can volunteer and help reach out to your community - most churches have multiple ways to donate/volunteer/serve the community

4. Give blood - there is a severe blood shortage in North Texas, and there is no data or evidence that the virus can be transmitted by blood transfusion, nor have there been any reported cases of transfusion transmission for any respiratory virus including COVID.

5. Places to donate monetarily if you are not able to donate your time, or if you yourself are at-risk but still would like to help the community

  • United Way Dallas United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is a community-based social change organization that puts opportunity in the hands of all North Texans. Working with determined supporters, they lead the charge to improve education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity (there are separate webpages for other counties in Dallas as well, if you would like to donate for a more specific area)

  • Salvation Army The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church with a bible based message. The international organization is committed to meeting human needs, without discrimination, by caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, providing clothing and sheltering the homeless

  • North Texas GoFundMe

In Need of Help?

If you find yourself in a position where you are struggling and are in need of assistance, you will find a list of organizations and groups that have resources to provide relief. You can click on their links or call their offices to reach someone who can help. Churches around the world have been some of the first responders during this pandemic. GO JESUS!!! My local church here in the DFW area has been on the front lines serving our community since day 1. If you are local to the DFW area and in need, please visit the Gateway Church website for assistance.

1. Links to articles explaining the COVID relief bill and how it will pay out to individuals, as well as information on how unemployment benefits have changed for those affected by COVID:

2. For those who have lost their job due to COVID and are now seeking employment:

3. COVID-19 Screening Tool online (via internet or mobile app) if you or a loved one are concerned you are showing symptoms of COVID-19. Free initial screening that can help you determine if you should seek medical attention

4. To get connected with someone who can talk to you about assistance with essential services, visit or dial 211 to speak with someone over the phone

5. Reach out to a local church to see if they have the resources to help you or can connect you with a place that does.

Are you a Small Business Owner?

To the small business owners out there, we have resources for you too. We have updated information on how to get help during this time. The SBA has been providing us with information on how to obtain loans, grants and emergency relief as we navigate these choppy waters. You are not in this alone!



To accommodate our clients, we are being flexible and adapting to the "shelter - in /stay at home" call that has been put out. We want to support our government officials by honoring their request that we stay home and distance ourselves from others to help stop the spread of the corona virus.

This does not mean business has stopped or slowed down or that we are not still taking new clients - instead we have adjusted to doing all of our business online. With FaceTime, Zoom, email and all the amazing technology at hand, we have converted our interior design services to an online platform. Thank God for technology, right!?!

We are still offering Full - Service Design, Design Consultations, E - Design and more! For more details about our services and how to contact us, you can visit our website.

With so much of our business being managed online, we want to highlight our E - Design package and Design Consultation here.

E - Design Includes:

- Initial Phone Consultation

- Intensive Client Questionnaire

- Client Idea Boards

- Digital Design Boards

- Digital Floor Plans

- Styling Tips

- Easy & Interactive Digital Ordering Instructions

Our E - Design package may be just what you need during this time when you are stuck at home being met face-to-face with all of your unfinished projects. This could be the answer to your sanity!

Watch the YouTube video below of our E - Design Services!

Design Consultation Includes:

- 2 hours

- Includes up to 3 rooms

- Styling Tips



Free entertainment for your quarantine!

How to manage this pandemic with little ones at home.


As always, thanks for stopping by and having a read. We hope you found this post helpful in more ways than one and that you are more informed after visiting.

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