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Best Bedroom Ideas: Part 2

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

If you read our Best Bedroom Ideas: Part 1... you know that the average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours! As a parent I feel like this gets cut in half. I wonder what the studies would say about that? Hmmm....

Whether I am sleeping or not, I still spend a LOT of time in my bedroom! As a matter of fact, my toddler loves to play in my bedroom. Jumping on the big bed, digging through my nightstands for treasures, rummaging through the master bath cabinets and reorganizing my shoes in the closet. We all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Why not make them just as beautiful as we would the entryway or living room that we love making feel extra special so anyone who enters feels at home and welcome.

I think many people save their bedrooms for last when re-designing their homes. They figure they'll get to it "someday" once the main living areas are perfectly styled and decorated. It's easy to neglect the rooms that not everyone who enters your home sees. But, don't you want to enjoy your space? Don't you want to walk into a peaceful and serene atmosphere at the end of a long day or week and feel like it was just the breath of fresh air that you needed rather than looking at the ever growing pile of laundry in the corner or the mismatched decor? I sure do!

So here are some tips on how to style your bedroom to really make it an oasis! A place you want to retreat to at the end of every day.

High Fashion Homes

1. Let's set the mood!

In Part 1 we talked about what paint colors to choose to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, but the lighting and how it reflects off the paint will really set the mood for your bedroom.

Having a light next to your bed is a go to for me in a bedroom design. It not only lends itself useful when you don't want to get out of bed to turn out the lights, it also acts as task lighting for reading a book or enjoying a hot cup of tea before bed.

Use a low watt bulb that will not illuminate the entire room when on and use bulbs that give off a warm glow instead of a bright white light. I love using LED bulbs with 2,700 - 3,000 Kelvin in my bedroom designs. Not only will you get that soft glow but you will save energy and cost in the long run using LED bulbs. I highly recommend switching all the light bulbs in your home to LED. You'll save a fortune!

Stephanie Kraus Designs

2. Furniture Must Haves

1) Bed: your bed will likely be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so make it the focal point and build around it. You can achieve this with a great frame like the one pictured above, headboard or platform bed. Purchase something that demands attention without being over the top and crowding the space. You want everything else in the room to accent and compliment the bed that you choose.

2) Nightstands: make sure your nightstands are around the same height as your bed. It makes for easy access and extends the line of the bed making the room appear larger. It also ensures that you are probably using the right scale of furniture to accompany the bed itself.

3) Seating: one of the must haves for me in a design is extra seating in a master or guest room when there is space. It's nice to have a spot to sit down and put your shoes on, curl up and read a book or have a conversation with your spouse. Adding additional seating in your bedroom also gives you a tiny getaway if you have kids that are always demanding your attention - you can tuck away to your bedroom for some rest and relaxation. Or if your bedroom opens to the outdoors, what a great spot to be still in the morning before your day begins.

4) Dresser: if you do not have a custom closet with built in drawers, a dresser is a great piece for a bedroom. It not only houses your foldables, but doubles as a great spot to throw in some accent decor, place jewelry stands or hang art above.

LD Shoppe

3. Bedroom Accents

Now that you have your main pieces selected... you want to decorate and style your bedroom. Putting the final and finishing touches in your space is really what makes it feel personal to you. I love this part, it's what draws out our personalities and uniqueness. Here are my favorite bedroom accessories to add to every bedroom!

1) Rug: this will really warm up your space, especially if you have hardwood floors. Choose a rug that is large enough so that when you step off of either side of the bed, your feet are on the rug and not the floor.

2) Chandelier: you can really make a statement with lighting. Adding a fun and stylish chandelier will not only give you more lighting - it will really enhance the overall look and give drama to the room.

3) Art: choosing art for your bedroom is always a good idea. Art moves the soul, it makes you feel something. Whatever vibe you are going for in your bedroom, you can make it happen with great art. Quirky and thoughtful or quiet and refreshed, it can all be done through art.

4) Throw pillows and blankets: I love using extra throw pillows and blankets on a bed or chairs. It gives such a sense of luxury and abundance. It's also an inexpensive way to dress up your bedroom without breaking the bank. Don't hold back. There's no such thing as too many pillows!

5) Decor: I typically like a minimal look in my designs, but I do use a bit of decor. Sometimes on the nightstand a stack of books with a vase. Or if there is a platform bed without a headboard I will use a JuJu hat, art or tapestry to give some height to the bed and create a focal point in the room.


That's it! The best bedroom ideas for creating a calm, peaceful, stylish and functional bedroom. Don't forget to read Best Bedroom Ideas: Part 1 if you haven't already.

If you need help bringing your bedroom together, give us a call! We are here to serve you!

Check out our E-Design services while you are at it... it may be just the thing you need to bring your bedroom to life! And it's easy design at your fingertips!

Read our E-Design blog, read more on our website and watch the video below!

As always, thank you for stopping by! We loved having you and would enjoy hearing from you! Leave a comment below on your favorite bedroom idea and send us your bedroom aspirations... let's dream together!

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